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FROM MY CORNER: Our Ultimate. Future?

Howell Hurst American News, Defining Trump, Economy & Finance, Humans, People, People Politics, Republicans, Trump, War and Organized Mayhem

The unique American writer Joan Didion once wrote, “Las Vegas is the most extreme and allegorical of American settlements – bizarre and beautiful in its venality . . . in its devotion to immediate gratification . . . which makes it an extraordinarily stimulating and interesting place.” And later she also wrote, “The desert, any… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Saving Children?

Howell Hurst Humans, Nature, People, People Politics, Refugees, War and Organized Mayhem

Las Vegas . . . December 7, 2021 Abortion is a fundamental issue dividing Democrats from Republicans, or Liberals from Conservatives if you prefer. Pro-Life people claim that aborting a beginning fetus is murder. Abortionists claim that is not the case. Both sides’ arguments essentially are beside the point in my opinion. They both beg the… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: The Next Twist?

Howell Hurst American News, Consumerism, Corporate Avarice, Digital Hell, Economy & Finance, Europe, Homelessness, Humans, People, People Politics, Refugees

The most unusual twist has occurred in my life: from an anticipated permanent move to Europe, I have momentarily taken root in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several steps created my departure from West Hollywood to Paris, France, and subsequently to Nice on the Mediterranean Sea. And more thereafter. I spent two weeks in Paris searching for… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER:State of The World

Howell Hurst Adventure, Consumerism, Digital Hell, Humans, People

FROM MY CORNER: State of The World Athens, Greece . . . October 26, 2021 Visiting Europe is constant navigation through a digital maze. Most people everywhere are wandering about glazed eyes glued to their cell phones. Interaction between people is sporadic and erratic. The art of human communication has become very strange indeed. Some people… continue reading »