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FROM MY CORNER: Socialism or Capitalism?

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Phase (4) Four 

What does Socialism mean to you? And Capitalism? What do you mean by that?

Neither term any longer has meaning. Both are “non-concepts,” words meaning so many different things to so many different people that they have become worthless. Each is used by people so inarticulate they can’t describe what they mean when they say either of them.

Neither Capitalism nor Socialism serves human beings. Each is fake. The best either accomplishes is to identify its speaker as being either for management or employees. Neither today finds a path to cooperate for both, for the good of humans.

Contemporary Capitalism is a financially oppressive concept. True Socialism is mind-numbing idealism. The only truly beneficial “Ism” for humans would be some form of Socialized Capitalism.

Luckily for us such a thing already exists and has so successfully for years in the Scandinavian countries. Scandinavian economies are basically Capitalism with augmenting Socialized financial safety nets. These safety nets are designed to encourage entrepreneurism and pick up humans when that competitive entrepreneurism regularly tosses some of them to ground.

Is Scandinavia perfect? Of course not. But it is head and shoulders above America’s monopolistic oligarchy where no limits exist on how much profit two percent of the people can make to own and control 90% of all assets.

The far right wants that economic model to continue. The far left wants to coopt that model for its own use. Does either side attempt to persuade the other side to collaborate in order to safeguard and sustain all citizens? No such sensible, altruistic movement commonly exists in America.

Bernie Sanders has one of the clearest visions of how to bring about such a collaborative economy for America. Otherwise, the concept appears to extend beyond the intellectual capacity of Americans.

Both the left and right have created traps to keep their social and political positions frozen in concrete. Any idea of compromise and collaboration have fossilized into hard, unbendable religions.

American Capitalists utterly reject any responsibility for U.S. citizens. The job they assign us is to consume. They openly attest that pure dollar profits are their only goal. They reject that governments should be allowed that responsibility.

Many, if not most, American citizens have to compete against Capitalist profiteers and Government taxes just to keep our heads above water. More and more of us yearly are tossed to the financial bottom.

If I were not a die-hard believer in the concept of nonviolence, I might propose we organize and copy our revolutionary ancestors’ solution of shooting the corporate/government bosses and taking control of the running of the country.

(Note to FBI: Since I am a die-hard believer in the concept of nonviolence, I do not propose such a solution.)

Permit me to suggest you read a new book that could have used a good editor and is admittedly flawed in its writing, but which is so full of facts about America’s fumbling economy that everyone should read it.

It is by Mr. Sanders and is called, “It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism.” It particularly shows how America could well emulate the Scandinavian economic model to the good of all. Its facts easily dispel the old rightwing argument that America could not try such a straightforward idea.

Now someone needs to right a book called, “It’s OK To Be Angry About Socialism.”

Thereafter, someone should right a book called, “It’s OK To Be For Socialized Capitalism.”

Maybe I’ll do that last one.


Your no cost Independent candidate.

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