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FROM MY CORNER:Sharing America

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Sharing America

Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of Americans are literally homeless or unable to consistently pay a monthly rent or mortgage.  This factual situation exists because the corporate/banking Oligarchs who dominate the United States real estate economy refuse to share their immense yearly profits with the workers who actually do the day-to-day work of running the enterprise.

Instead, The Oligarchy continues to invest its profits in the available American properties market it controls, relentlessly running prices higher. This further ensures that the remaining 20%+ of Americans remain precariously housed. Many are visually blind or otherwise disabled, and frequently U.S. Military Veterans.

Financially, most of these leftover Americans would be immensely valuable to U.S. corporate interests – if the corporations would collaborate to build America stronger. This could be relatively easy to achieve by investing in this remarkable labor pool, training them in manufacturing corporate products and services.

Instead, America ignores them, keeping them massively undereducated. propertyless, without stable jobs, income, or adequate medical care. A potential 20% increase in America’s Gross Domestic Product is blocked by myopic corporate disregard for perhaps 1/5th its adult citizens.

We need more citizens and workers in America, not fewer. Exacting planning for America’s future financial growth is job one today. Corporations establishing wide-spread, comprehensive  education and job training for our nation will teach millions how to become Americans and to generate new, sustainable, internationally-marketed GDP.

This strategy produces: short- and long-term jobs, a new income initiative for corporations and government, and reduction of present economic losses due to global society’s misunderstanding of the vital importance of human mental capacity and labor to the future of the human race.

We need to now initiate a growing inventory of people wishing to become American Citizens, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, marketers, scientists. To do that the international corporate world must cast off its dominant self-destructive attitude toward human beings.

Corporate disregard for responsibility for the human race is the cause of the planets’ faults. Profit over people is the biggest problem humans face. The main objective of humanity is to establish a united planetary focus on preserving the future existence of itself.

International Nationwide Consideration of this situation is literally a life and death issue.

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