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FROM MY CORNER: Where’s America’s Soul?

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REQUEST NR TWO:  I recently asked who would like to continue receiving From My Corner, my occasional social and political commentaries. Out of a couple of hundred I send them to, eight or ten responded with “Yes.” Everybody else was silent. May I suggest that if you do not want to receive them, you answer… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Please give me an answer.

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  The past four weeks, my blog program and email have not been working  properly. So, I could not send my occasional commentaries.   Would you kindly let me know you received this note?   And  . . .   Please tell me:  would you like to receive From My Corner as I start writing… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, I Haven’t a Clue

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The older I get the less I know. As a young man, I knew it all. Raise a topic and I had an opinion I was convinced was the solution to the human dilemma. No more. Homebound isolation has given me cabin fever and I can’t figure out anything. Actually it feels much better not… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Why I’m So Silent

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A friend asked me why I am writing my Blog so infrequently. If you’re interested, it is simple. With all the hoopla over Trump and his Mueller investigation, I’ve just thought that enough criticism is being produced that one more little voice will not be missed and will, instead, be appreciated. Besides, after my voyage… continue reading »