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FROM MY CORNER:What Leaders?

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Following my last column, three readers emailed me they agree it would make sense if all nations’ leaders would stop spending $$Trillions on weapons of mass destruction with which to repeatedly – century after century – kill many of each other’s country’s citizens. The rest remained silent. Do you suppose most of you also agree… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: The Oligarchy that Controls our Lives

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How much longer are we going to continue to live under a self-serving economic system of the immensely wealthy? America’s Oligarchy is a closely allied 2% or 3% of people who own upwards 90% of The United States. As leaders of gigantic multinational corporations, they collaborate with political leaders of both Republican and Democrat parties… continue reading »


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December 11, 2021 Las Vegas . . . The charming video of a drunk cat I attempted to forward to you apparently did not arrive safely. And it’s now been deleted from my email file. No matter; it was not vital, just highly amusing. Let me again promote something I believe to be very important… continue reading »


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Nice, France . . . Flying from the U.S. to France I began to read the classic best-selling book, “Mythology,” by Edith Hamilton. Ms. Hamilton, who died in 1963 at age 96, was the U.S.’s foremost promoter of ancient Greece as the most influential component of American democracy and society. The following is an intriguing… continue reading »