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FROM MY CORNER:My 2024 Resolution

Howell Hurst Homelessness, Poverty


My 2024 Resolution

I resolve to keep asking why don’t all supposed Christians start behaving like Christians? Particularly, why don’t all of the 80% of Americans who polls claim are Christians get their members to organize and start sharing all work with all homeless and poor who need places to work and live?

Is not the premier Christian command for everyone to treat others as they would be treated?

Therefore, why don’t all American Christians do that? Why don’t all the Christian churches organize and identify all poor Americans in each community and have all the businesses in their communities organize and literally share all available work with the poor and help them acquire safe places to live.

Many, if not most, business’s workers now work 35 – 45+ hours a week. Why don’t all Christians require that all workers reduce their hours a week on their job and donate five hours a week sharing their training and jobs with the local poor and homeless?

The math is simple. If all Christians (80% of us) actually follow the Christian command to help others needing it and reduce our work hours and income and actually work together to share with the poor, we will not have poor and homeless.

We will thereby follow the Christian command to do unto others.

So, this year I am going to ask repeatedly why don’t all American Christians organize all Christian churches and do what they say they believe in?

For years I have donated every month 7% of my income to local poor. I’m at odds with Christians who won’t do what they say their God tells them to do, leaving millions of Christian churches locked each night while millions remain poor and many are homeless.

7%. It seems a reasonable request to make of all Christians.

Would some good Christians give me your thoughts?Happy New Year.


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