FROM MY CORNER: Biden Missed Basic ROTC 101

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How did Biden so horribly mismanage his abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan? When I was in Reserve Officers Training Corps in college, it was made piercingly clear that when a U.S. Army force withdraws from combat it will carefully plan how to extract all military equipment. The press video reports  the $Billions of U.S. military equipment… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Biden Missing The Bulls-Eye

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The much touted $ Trillion Infrastructure Bill continues the American financial model that taxes us to pay the already-wealthy.  Consider: highways and bridges are built by giant multimillion dollar engineering and construction firms. The $ Billions such firms will receive in an Infrastructure bill will not “trickle down” to the tens of thousands almost about to… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Vaccination Resistance

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Ages ago two medical disciplines became the unquestionably predominant planet-wide lifesavers for multimillions of people. One was pain-killing anesthetics for surgical operations; the second was vaccinations. Today 40% or more Americans deny vaccination as the indisputable medical discipline it is. There is only one explanation for this: Ignorance. How did the United States create such… continue reading »