FROM MY CORNER: Why No Adult Presidenrtial Campaigning?

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The over-all content of both the American Democrat and Republican campaigns is supremely immature. Neither candidate nor any of his supporting speakers is articulating the most vital issues facing the nation and the world today. There is no over-all comprehensive picture being drawn by either party of the strategies they propose to bring our country… continue reading »


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John LeCarre, Britain’s brilliant espionage novelist, always refers to his country’s Intelligence services as the Circus. He does so due to the habitually childlike machinations of the alleged elites so cavalierly manipulating it between cups of tea and shots of Scotch. The term Circus can be well applied to our own country’s farcical political campaigns. Although… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: My Wall Street Journal Attack

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Carmel, CA . . .  August 19, 2020  A business colleague of mine some short time past suggested I try an online subscription of the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ is owned by the extreme rightist publishing mogul Rupert Murdoch. I was highly skeptical. Particularly, because my Murdoch aficionado and I utterly disagree with one… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Us People Are Ridiculous

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The human animal is a damfoolish creature. Take our own country. American vegetable producers and fruit growers have long complained that they do not have enough laborers to harvest their beans and berries. They are forced to throw a lot of it away. Can’t get it sold. Simultaneously, our president blocks at our southern border… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Yes, Joe Biden

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It’s a no brainer. Joe Biden, like all people and certainly all politicians, has his faults. But one thing is crystal clear: he’ll be a far more competent president than Donald Trump. Why? One word says it. “Humanism.” Joe likes people. He always has. You might call it his weakness. But, the thing is this:… continue reading »