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FROM MY CORNER: Priority, Affordable Housing

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Phase (3) Three:

While we, through citizen ownership of the military/industrial complex, hold them accountable for every penny of the $$Trillions they tax us for defense; while we require all corporations share ownership and management with employees – let us also require government sell enough of its property to provide long-term mortgages to the bottom 10% of low-income Americans.

Corporations and Governments can collaborate by granting every unpropertied American citizen a monthly low-cost plot of land without requiring a down payment. If a citizen needs a new income to pay the mortgage, America should prioritize corporate direct involvement in education and recovery of the country’s poorest to enable them to participate in our economy.

The $$Millions that Bezos and Musk squander on their emotional whims could and should create new consumers by job training the poor, awarding equitable ownership of their corporations to employees, thereby reinvigorating their spending power. Billionaires casting $$Millions into self-serving political campaigns should invest these funds into jobs for the poor.

America cannot recover Democracy until it houses every American. New mortgage-owning Americans will be vibrant perpetual fresh income for government. Making all Americans property owners will be a vital increased revenue source for our economy. Investing in people is fundamental to America’s future.

Utilizing accumulated corporate profits by sharing all work with the poor and funding small businesses, would correct America’s vast income disparity. Enhanced Christian virtue derived therefrom would be financially stabilizing to all.

One thing only prevents America from doing these things: the untrammeled perpetual greed for  more personal wealth of self-aggrandizing wealthy. Exploiting the poor for relentless profit is unacceptable. Middle class Americans should wake up and help the poor neutralize this reprehensible character failure.


Your Low-Cost Candidate

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