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FROM MY CORNER:Why Share America?

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Why Share America?

I feel nearly alone in my belief that the 80% of us Americans who have our financial affairs in relatively decent shape ought to consciously divert ourselves from corporate induced obsessive consumption, and instead – concentrate on how we may help the remaining 20% of Americans mired in persistent poverty earn a living income.

Since 25% of all American land is owned by the Federal government, why shouldn’t government loan all poor Americans the money to buy a small plot of that land, without having to make a downpayment.

The government could simultaneously tax incentivize American multinational corporations to limit all employees to 30-hour work weeks, thereupon assigning their lowered work hours to the new landowners.

This would immediately accomplish three things:

  1. Create an essentially 100% employment rate by sharing all corporate jobs with all Americans.
  2. Free up many hours for all employees to spend with families and personal healthy pursuits.
  3. Reduce corporate profits marginally, which would inhibit them from investing their largely tax-free gains on more and more real estate ventures that are the root cause of our inflation.

It has long been established  that with all the automation and robotization of corporate work, substantial hour limitations of jobs would facilitate creating an essentially 100% work force. Physically and mentally disabled poor Americans would be provided medical, alcohol, and drug treatment, and – following their progress – also be assigned job training and work.

The wealthy in America, owning multiple houses, multiple cars, land, businesses, and  other baubles have become the exploiters of the mostly black, brown, beige, yellow, and red uneducated poor – the 20% of Americans hard pressed to even exist.

The socialistic collaboration of government and the giant multinational corporations controls and dominates our economy. And it grossly misuses its self-assumed privilege. Moreso, the rest of us Americans prospering under their alleged leadership are complicit in their insensitive behavior.

After 2008’s recession, our tax dollars bailed out these corporate leaders with a $700 billion socialist giveaway.  That recession was brought on by the corporate oligarchy’s profit-taking misuse of thousands of poor people, largely of color, who were sold mortgages they could not afford. No corporate officer or government official was ever even indicted for this clearly criminal behavior

Our banks, insurance agencies, and various other financial collaborators made $billions perpetrating their minority mortgage fraud scheme and paid not one cent in retribution or prison time for their exploitive behavior.

20% of Americans are due the assistance of us, the 80% who support and benefit from this system. If we are going to continue to pretend we are commonly Christians and Citizens, we need to prove it by sharing our financial security with them. They deserve to be recovered from the destitution we have passively forced on them.

It requires is for us to increase jobs by sharing the available corporate work now dominated by us, the 80%. We could empty all our self-storage units of the $billions of unused items,  the many excesses of our habitual consumption addiction.

We affluent citizens should help educate the poor, share work with them, provide for medical care.

What is America’s problem?  We who have abandoned our responsibility as citizens and  allowed ourselves to be designated by the corporate-created oligarchy as consumers, are the problem.

Let us acknowledge it and become citizens again.

No Democrat or Republican politician or corporate president is going to solve the situation. That’s our job. And we ought to get to it. Through our churches, clubs, and other private institutions.

Why should we share America?

Because it makes sense and because it would be fair, which our present culture and economic system is not.

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