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What A Country

April 2013

We American people just demonstrated to the world how cooperation and collaboration work in a functioning democracy focused on an existential goal. United, we set our various differences aside and in an incredibly ……..

What Is
An Economy?

April 2013

A common definition of an economy is the total financial output of a nation. That is usually expressed as Gross Domestic Product: GDP. If we have a high and increasing GDP we say we’re doing OK. If the………

Where Has
The Eagle Flown?

March 2013

Big business and government versus the American people. If you haven’t noticed, it makes little difference whether the President of The United States is snow white and conservative or shoe polish brown and…..

Yearning for

March 2013

The insurmountable poltroonery [you may want to check that word in your dictionary; it’s a good word to know], the poltroonery of the world’s endlessly warring leaders is monumentally embarrassing. Right…