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FROM MY CORNER: Saving Children?

Howell Hurst Humans, Nature, People, People Politics, Refugees, War and Organized Mayhem

Las Vegas . . . December 7, 2021 Abortion is a fundamental issue dividing Democrats from Republicans, or Liberals from Conservatives if you prefer. Pro-Life people claim that aborting a beginning fetus is murder. Abortionists claim that is not the case. Both sides’ arguments essentially are beside the point in my opinion. They both beg the… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: The Next Twist?

Howell Hurst American News, Consumerism, Corporate Avarice, Digital Hell, Economy & Finance, Europe, Homelessness, Humans, People, People Politics, Refugees

The most unusual twist has occurred in my life: from an anticipated permanent move to Europe, I have momentarily taken root in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several steps created my departure from West Hollywood to Paris, France, and subsequently to Nice on the Mediterranean Sea. And more thereafter. I spent two weeks in Paris searching for… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Irony at its Worst

Howell Hurst Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Defense vs Diplomacy, Economy & Finance, Homelessness, Humans, Military Defense, People, Poverty, Refugees, Terrorism, War and Organized Mayhem

Nice Report #4 . . . As I have reported about my personal pleasure in Nice, France, I cannot help but read the many individual stories of Haitian and other refugees desperately struggling to find footholds in life. Recently I wrote as I have many times before about the $$ Trillions spent by nations on… continue reading »


Howell Hurst American News, Economy & Finance, Homelessness, Humans, Nature, People Politics, Refugees, Trump, War and Organized Mayhem

One third of Americans are in denial. Some of them are relatively close acquaintances of mine. The phone conversations I have with them are deeply unsettling to me. I never could have imagined the gulf of misunderstanding possible between fellow American citizens. I’m referring to the Left vs Right political barbarity, the Republican vs Democrat… continue reading »