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FROM MY CORNER:A Footnote to History

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As an extremely minor figure in America’s “blogging” community, not affiliated with any mainstream media institution, I do not spend time worrying about our media not publishing my writing.

Mainstream media, dominated by media moguls’ gigantic multinational corporations, are so focused on their advertising goals that they have little time to notice what critical dissenters like me may report about the existential needs of the U.S.’s and the world’s people.

Publishing policies are established by lawyers and CPA’s these days, not by editors deeply interested in the personal beliefs and opinions of the common woman and man struggling through the various mazes of the entirely profit-aimed strategy of the corporate universe.

We have all long ceased being citizens and are, rather, officially established instead as consumers. Since no media will report on this commentary of mine, be again advised that it is quite simply and purely direct communication from me to you, my occasional reader.

I want to clarify a recent commentary of mine I still think was totally misinterpreted by most of my readers. I had attempted to explain how discouraged I am regarding we consumers’ reluctance to attend to our once vital role as citizens of a democracy.

It seems that my writing was not clear enough and, instead, most readers focused on the idea that I was assuming totalitarian countries like China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran would vote with democracies to consider ending all wars.

That was decidedly not the point I was attempting to make. I was actually striving to criticize our laxity as citizens by proposing we band together and reassume our citizenly duties. I suggested we hold a “fake” vote and ask all countries if they would agree that spending $$Trillions annually on Defense and Wars is a quite Stupid thing to be doing.

I did not, as I was accused by some, think that China and the other dictators would vote with “Us Democracies” to outlaw Defense and War and become newly discovered bosom buddies in our passion for instant peace, love, and brotherhood.

All I wanted was to get the idea across to you that all of us contributing $$Trillions yearly to our leaders to send many of us off to get killed in various battles with weapons of mass destruction does not seem – to me, at least – very smart.

I just wanted to place the responsibility for this not-very-smart concept on us consumers instead of upon our elected leaders. And, by doing so, try very nicely not to criticize but – hopefully – motivate us to do something about it.

Apparently, I failed.

To justify our proposed citizen action, I was thinking that our assuming this responsibility and taking this positive behavior, we might just possibly find solutions to some of the obvious consequences of our human history.

I was thinking of such doings as:

Our still largely unattended attention to global warming and its potential dangers to people.

Our Rhode Island-sized patch of floating plastic waste in our oceans, which could so easily be managed by passing a national law controlling the ridiculous corporate practice of packaging everything in plastic and not requiring them to stop it,

Our 20% of citizens barely making their way financially through life and, instead, having to fight desperately to keep themselves alive and well while our massively rich continue to collect more houses, cars, boats, airplanes, vacations, and domination of society.

Our American citizens in Puerto Rico still without necessary repairs of electrical systems, and a still tattered economy.

Plus indirect responsibility for a dubious World Culture that includes

Growing violence in Haiti.

Major unrest in Iran by women denied human rights.

Hundreds of thousands of essentially homeless refugees of the world, while we in the U.S. have a reported 9 million unfilled jobs without applicants.

The still disgusting invasion of Ukraine by the idiot Vladimir Putin.

Another war in Sudan.

Such things as that, you understand?

I hope I’ve cleared up my poor writing job for you.

Might you care now to vote again on the idea of assuming citizen responsibility for the state of America and sharing responsibility for the world, instead of spending all our time buying the next gadget created by profit-focused corporations that we may waste money on to satisfy our shallow consumer addiction?

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