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FROM MY CORNER: How To Save Capitalism

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How to Save Capitalism

Following phase one, my previous commentary about how to bring the military/industrial complex under the control of American taxpayers, here now is Phase two of my presidential campaign. Be warned, it is more controversial; so keep an open mind.

One single act will pour the concrete foundation for Capitalism’s sustainability: each and all corporations should be required by law to award productive employees with shared ownership and management of the corporation.

Particularly in the case of military/industrial complex corporations, every American citizen should be awarded shared ownership of the corporations their taxes fund. Taxpayer representatives should be on all board of directors of such “defense” corporations.

The same should be true of each and all private corporations. All productive employees should be provided the means to acquire ownership and management representation. How do we justify this?  Read on.

Our present corporate system awards only management the authority to determine the fate of employees, without regard for the financial effect upon them. If management wishes to fire employees with years of loyal service and replace them with cheap foreign labor, current American Capitalism essentially encourages that.

Employee ownership has repeatedly in the past produced improved efficiency and profits for corporations. If required by law it could only improve all corporations – and safeguard the valuable labor investment of all loyal workers.

The only way present management can rationally be against sharing ownership and management with workers is if that management accepts and enforces the concept of financial exploitation of workers.

Are there hundreds of details that would be necessary to create such a new, non-Socialist, model of Capitalism? Yes, as there are always details for innnovation on any established practice.

The positive consequence for American Capitalism would be citizen-enforced corporate responsibility for all employees.

Any corporation’s management unwilling to encourage shared employee ownership and management, endangers the security and defense of America in our current worldwide War-Engorged political reality.

I contend that any American corporation unable to produce profits without employee exploitation is no longer a viable business. It needs such innovation to survive unless its management is willing to forfeit the lives of its employees in order to reward themselves and their investors, with no valued regard for employees.

That said, if any readers have objections to this concept, you are invited to send them to me.  I will consider your viewpoint and respond to your thoughts in following commentaries.



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