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FROM MY CORNER: Further Fantasies

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Further Fantasies

Some of you may have noticed that I periodically fantasize about what I would do if I were President of the USA. Admitting I like to fantasize about how to more efficiently and humanely manage the world, let me now try again:

    1, Upon election, as Commander in Chief of the Military Defense of America, I would order that all weapons manufacturers and their suppliers’ gross incomes be capped at 10% profit of all contracts. That would mean, all cash remainig in hand over expenses after each contract is successfully completed.

  1. If weapons manufacturers, however, underestimate weapons contracts and need more money to complete the job, they will pay for it themselves by removing it out of the accumulated profits they have stored away in banks and investments.

  1. If weapons manufacturers overestimate the cost of a job, they will split this surprise increase in profit and share it equitably among the identified homeless and bottom 10% of financially poorest U.S. Citizens.

  1. Weapons manufacturers may receive bonuses every time they consistently prove they have lowered the expense of building weapons – instead of increasing them as is now the case.

I promise to you, my fellow voters, that these steps will make America’s Defense stronger and less costly.

Cheers Mates,



P.S. More policies and ideas will continue throughout the 2024 election. As you compare my campaign with all the others, let me know how you think I’m doing. Cheers,

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