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FROM MY CORNER:180 Million Miles Away

Howell Hurst Defense Spending, Economy & Finance, Education, Humans, Military Defense, People Politics, War and Organized Mayhem

Indulge me by sharing my accumulated 85-year-old view of our Earth.

Observe Earth from 90 million miles the other side of the Sun. Since our Sun is 90 million miles from Earth, you are now 180 million miles from Earth and the Sun is in the foreground. Earth is the other side of the Sun, far away, a tiny speck of blue light – if you have a strong telescope.

Because you have lived 85 years on the Earth before getting 180 million miles away, you have a head crammed full of facts inside your brain about life on Earth. 85 years of life have shown you a recurring pattern of erratic behavior by its residents.

The pattern is that its humans spend tiny patches of peacefulness among one another; then, periodically and methodically, blast millions of one another off the face of the planet. After which they try a handful more months – or occasionally years – of peace before repeating the process.

The accumulated worldwide reality is that humans have actually organized this strangeness into the largest most profitable business on the Earth. Weapons of mass destruction and the training of humans in their efficient use to destroy everything humans have built to safeguard themselves from extinction are relentlessly designed, constructed, and subsequently obliterated – all for the reward of money.

Humans have apparently been exhibiting this strange behavior for hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of years. The question that arises in one’s mind is why have they not over all this time learned the obvious? That if we would collaborate to divert all of this human brain power and money on achieving perpetual peace (by sharing the planet’s assets) instead of perpetual war, all 8 billion of us could have what we need to safeguard the human race.

National leaders are the culprits. Now and again, one or another of them impulsively kills numbers of their neighbors. A conclusion we habitually miss appears to be unquestionably apparent: that we keep placing intellectually shallow people on the thrones of power.

Intelligent leaders would have long ago raised the issue among themselves of mutual collaboration and cooperation to remove money profit from humans’ collective life goal and replace it with collective activities designed to sustain the security of the human race.

Most other animals do this. They group together, and by doing so are able to somewhat to defend themselves from the life-threatening attacks of other species Our defining one another of ourselves as “enemies” can only be attributed to a consistent lack of adequate intelligence. Are we actually just too dumb to defend ourselves from our dumbness?

The U.S. president and other world leaders could today raise the possibility, through the media and public conferences, of collaboratively diverting their $$ War Trillions into International Strategies that share the Earth’s life supporting assets in a rational fashion with all peoples. It is a relatively simple management and marketing opportunity.

Except for we emotionally erratic people.

Not one of our many Leaders has the courage to raise the sensible strategy and relentlessly persuade all other Leaders to listen, discuss, and bring about such behavior. Collective defense of the peoples of the Earth could be made the real profit-making business of the entire planet.

Leaders need to discard their psychological paranoia of one another and collectively acknowledge that this is possible.

Is it really so complicated an idea that they and we are unable to develop it into the collective viewpoint of our existence here? They and we are through wars wasting at least ten percent of the world’s market. If we all like profit so much, why don’t we put profit to work saving us instead of habitually slaughtering us?

I wonder, deep down, do we all really just enjoy fighting and killing?

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