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FROM MY CORNER:I Love America Too

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You love America. I love America. We all love America. Even White Supremacists love America.  You can stand up in America and say whatever you want. You can say whatever you want – unless you advocate violent overthrow of the government.

You can. I can. White Supremacists can. As long as you don’t advocate violence to support your beliefs. That’s the red line for all of us. So your job and my job and White Supremacists job is to decide whether you’re willing to be violent to support your personal viewpoints.

Do you want an all-White America? Or do you want what we actually have: the most racially diverse nation in the world? Not the most perfect. No, we’re not perfect. But we are really amazingly diverse. I recently returned to Miami from a foreign trip. I was struck right in my eyes by an indisputable fact.

The entire crowd of returning Americans defied description. The crowd was comprised of every race, color, clothing choice, haircut or style, weight, height, width, look in the face. America, I saw clearly for the first time, is in fact made up of every type person on the planet.

That is our strength. That’s my belief. The America I love loves every color of person that exists on the planet. It down deep inside believes we all ought to have our chance to make of ourselves what we wish. As long as we don’t bash one another in the face trying to get our point across.

America has many faults. I find America at fault primarily for its failure to help all Americas make an honest adequate living that permits them to have housing, education, jobs, and medical care. I detest the billionaires who spend fortunes shooting rockets into space for rich people to ride for a thrill.

While many of our famous rich squander their wealth, millions of Americans need education, sustaining jobs, housing, medicine. The fanatical profit motive of many rich people disgusts me. I have never had a personal income above the national average. By my own design.

I did that, and do that, consciously, with forethought. I simply do not want to become one of the rich people who become blinded by my own good fortune of acquiring financial sustainability. I know how I got here. I had a good education, good work training, basic ideas about all of us in America having a chance.

Mostly, I paid for my own university education. I worked 35 hours a week for four and one-half years as a busboy in a sorority, and as a radio announcer/DJ in the local station. I was able to do that because at that time giant corporations had not made universities so expensive.

They had not yet – as they have now done – made it impossible to get a real education unless you are rich. They had not yet placed hundreds of thousands of American youth deeply in debt to the financial interests of the wealthy.

If you are today from an uneducated family, from a non-white family, your chance of obtaining the education necessary to make it in America is nipped in the bud. And when the wealthy who control the price of education prevent you from reaching your intellectual capabilities due to the financial condition of your family – that is a form of oppression.

If America is going to remain an ethical and moral leader on the planet, its rich oligarchs, and their financial investors, are going to have to start becoming responsible for all American youth, not just their own children.

All of the American people are what hold America together. Over time, I hope we will keep the White Supremacists and their like in check. I believe most Americans would like to see a more egalitarian America. It is deep in our guts.

Getting there is an ongoing battle. Our battle. And each of us, you, me, the guy over there, his wife and family, every one of us is one voice of the collective voice of America. We are the answer to America’s present problems. Making America what it stands for is our job.

The answer will not be found anywhere else other than in and by ourselves. Am I up to the job? Are you? Are all of us? That is what we are asking ourselves today. It is the most important question of our time.

Well? Are we? Are we up for it?

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