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Competing Countries or One World?

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Defense vs Diplomacy, Defining Trump, Economy & Finance, Humans, Military Defense, People Politics, Poverty, Refugees, War and Organized Mayhem

A recent article in Business Week comments: “There’s no escaping geopolitics.” Joshua Brustein, the writer, is simply saying that the actions of politicians guide – or misguide – what occurs financially (and to a great extent also socially) on the planet. He demonstrates through historical records that your and my financial security depends on the… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: New Year’s Resolutions

Howell Hurst Climate, Climate & Environment, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Homelessness, People, People Politics, Poverty, Refugees, War and Organized Mayhem

I’ve been thinking lately (always a dangerous occupation) and I think it’s time we got a head start on our New Year’s Resolutions. Just like the number of months in a year and the number of disciples of the spiritual leader of our most popular religion, I’ve come up with an even dozen. Here are… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Hepatitis Outbreak Among Homeless

Howell Hurst American News, Climate & Environment, Homelessness, Military Defense, People, People Politics, Poverty

I have often written about our Homeless, especially Homeless Veterans, forgotten by our defese industry, the Pentagon, polliticians nearly everyone. Now, it emerges that over 10,000 American Homeless have contracted Hepatitis because they have not had adequeate sanitary facilities. Permit me to suggest you copy the Link below and patch it into the address bar… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Random End-of-Year Thoughts

Howell Hurst American News, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Economy & Finance, People, People Politics, Poverty, War and Organized Mayhem

Looking though the several “From My Corner” comments I have placed on Facebook over the years, I happened upon the two items below: one mine, one a quote from a friend of mine. Once I wrote: “Why do we allow the Federal, State, and Local governments to own and control so much land (not all… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, My Unnoticed 2020 Independent Presidential Candidacy

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, American News, Defense Spending, Defining Trump, Economy & Finance, Military Defense, People, People Politics, Poverty, Presidential Election, Refugees, Terrorism, What Supremacists

Neither the Washington Post, Politico, Fox, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, nor NPR communicates with me about my Internet campaign, so I’m left entirely at peace to discuss our divided country and make suggestions about its rehabilitation. Take our action on the Mexican border, where we have several thousand U.S. Army troops. If I were president, I too… continue reading »