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Do you personally agree it is ridiculous for the United States (and all nations for that matter) to authorize $$Trillions yearly on weapons of mass destruction, particularly Nuclear – and not only to allow that but actually spend $$Millions more promoting the idea, rather than using all that money and brain power to peacefully sustain all human life?

Does it really take all that much intelligence to reach that conclusion? Anyone with an 80 to 100 IQ ought to be able to figure that out. Don’t you agree?

Therefore, why don’t all who believe in God go to your pastors (Agnostics and Atheists, go to your clubs and friends) and ask them to require the headquarters of their organizations to help them begin lobbying local senators and congressional representatives about creating a concrete solution to this situation?

Propose, for instance: that all churches organize and require all politicians be legally required to begin each speech they give, or radio or TV program they participate in, with the concept that they should all agree to figure out how to divert all these $$Trillions into “Human Recovery” programs.

Following inevitably months and possibly years of debate and discussion, these programs could eventually work in the following way: Presidents could persuade Governors, who could persuade County and City Governments, to identify and count the total number of persons living in poverty in their geographic area.

That data could be organized in a computerized national poverty data bank to identify each poor person’s personal needs to become capable of sustainably participating in citizenship. And each poverty participant could be persuaded to cooperate with the program in exchange for a life-supportable portion of the nation’s annual gross domestic product.

To obtain this financial base support, each poverty person would legally agree to accept and participate in whatever training was mutually agreeable to enable them to contribute to some position with some organization fulfilling a product or service need of the nation.

These organizations could be configured either as profit or non-profit. Each poverty person for his or her successful participation could receive their income and, after a reasonable period of time, be awarded “participant corporate ownership and, of course, sharing” of profits.

The total effect of such a proposition in the U.S. would be to make each and every citizen an actual legal owner of America. Everyone would, thereby, have a basic livelihood assured. How exactly would such a scheme be configured in our present for-profit corporate culture?

To be a legal operation, each corporation would cooperate with government to:


  1. Collaboratively, Identify all unfilled national jobs and existential needs of U.S. citizens.

  1. Rationally, Identify and organize each corporation by the specific categories of product and service jobs they specialize in.

  1. Distributably, share these jobs with the Poverty Participants, allowing corporations to earn profits – however, with specific limitations of income to the officers obligatorily enabling financially viable lives for all employees.

  1. Easily, occur within the concept of Capitalism, not Socialism or Communism. It is not rocket science. It is a matter of the simplest possible math. Its distinguishing trait is that “Profit” does not allow corporate officers to exploit labor. Rather, it requires and promotes the sustainability of labor, human life. A rather Christian concept.

Now, I am sure at this point there are some of you with reasons why this concept won’t or can’t happen. If you will you kindly email them to me, I will read them and respond.  Then I will continue in a follow-up commentary with many more details of how such an endeavor could proceed.

It is by the way, conceptually considered, similar to how Japan’s citizens unofficially already envision their Capitalism – which interestingly enough has produced one of the domestically safest cultures of our planet. One mostly without guns, allowing small children to go to school and roam safely at night in major cities – alone, very rarely ever getting shot by gangs, police, or anxious neighbors.


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