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FROM MY CORNER: America’s Stock In Trade

Howell Hurst Nature, People

Buckminster Fuller, the 20th Century inventor of the geodesic dome, commonly said that humans’ biggest problem is their own ignorance. Christopher Hitchens, the brilliantly outspoken writer, science advocate, philosopher, and speaker further supported this in his many books and spoken presentations. One wanted to show us how to house everyone inexpensively.  One wanted to show… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Big, Fast,Luxurious, and Shallow

Howell Hurst Nature

Let’s inspect our Virus situation with fresh eyes, shall we? Nature’s laws are delivering a message of how to adjust our way of living on this planet to insure we might possibly last another 2,000 years. Nature (or God, if you prefer) is telling us something meaningful. View things from the perspectives of Physics, Chemistry,… continue reading »