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FROM MY CORNER: A Private Military Assessment

Howell Hurst Adventure, Defense vs Diplomacy, War and Organized Mayhem

Let’s take a look at the world’s condition. Autocratic Governments have recently held major military exercises. To counterbalance the score, Democracies have done the same. It’s easy to imagine that the leaders of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, already doing business together, are in confidence contemplating the expansion of Russia’s Ukraine War to test the… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Who Needs Enemies?

Howell Hurst Adventure, Corona Virus, Nature, People

Once again, I am reminded of my approaching 84 birthday by the waning power of my short term memory. In my last commentary, I said that 65 million Americans have received their Covid Vaccines without serious allergic reactions. I mis-spoke when I wrote that. The correct statement is that 65% of all Americans have received… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: A Refreshing Surprise

Howell Hurst Adventure, American News, Climate & Environment, Consumerism, Economy & Finance, People

Las Vegas . . . December 1, 2021 “The Meadows” is an intriguing experience. After struggling unsuccessfully for a French apartment, finding one in “Las Vegas” was accomplished in three days. A one bedroom this time, a step up from my last tiny studio in Los Angeles. If you position “The Strip,” the gambling and… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER:State of The World

Howell Hurst Adventure, Consumerism, Digital Hell, Humans, People

FROM MY CORNER: State of The World Athens, Greece . . . October 26, 2021 Visiting Europe is constant navigation through a digital maze. Most people everywhere are wandering about glazed eyes glued to their cell phones. Interaction between people is sporadic and erratic. The art of human communication has become very strange indeed. Some people… continue reading »