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FROM MY CORNER: A Private Military Assessment

Howell Hurst Adventure, Defense vs Diplomacy, War and Organized Mayhem

Let’s take a look at the world’s condition. Autocratic Governments have recently held major military exercises. To counterbalance the score, Democracies have done the same. It’s easy to imagine that the leaders of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, already doing business together, are in confidence contemplating the expansion of Russia’s Ukraine War to test the fragility or stability of Democracy.

An Autocracy versus Democracy military worldwide conflict may be in the cards for all of us on the planet. Denying its possibility does not seem to ring true. Our public media do not yet award it credible traction.

Both Dictators and Democracies still spend billions on nuclear weapons. Prudence demands we ask which is more likely? That these weapons will go unused because they truly are persuasive War deterrents, or that they may as likely erupt with uncontrollable consequences?  They do not instill confidence in their ability to safeguard humanity’s future.

Let us look at one specific probability: China is obsessed with Taiwan. Taiwan is the world’s center for computer chips. War on Taiwan could disrupt the entire digital world we all rely on.

That’s unlikely sufficient motivation for China to negotiate Taiwan’s independent status.

Another issue is how does NATO fit into the Ukraine War? One member, Turkey, still cozy with Russia, can’t seem to decide which side it belongs on. Waiting on it to make up its mind about Nato is similar to our waiting while Putin lined up weapons and troops on Ukraine’s border.

Iran’s intimacy with China is problematic. While that uncertainty simmers, Iran still quietly talks to the US. And Bill Gates meets and talks with China’s Dictator in Chief. He and Biden are not ardent Pen pals.

Objectively observed, America’s military does not have a pristine record of masterfully managing wars.

North Korea left Kim in charge and further identified China’s allegiance. The US abandoned Vietnam after wasting billions of dollars in defense materials. The same occurred in Afghanistan. Iraq unleashed a catastrophe. Putin’s war has conceivably incentivized all aspiring Autocratic allies.

Putin has already established the template for nuclear provocation.

All sounds like a very iffy situation to me.

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