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FROM MY CORNER: My Presidential Team

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, American News, Climate, Corporate Avarice, Economy & Finance, People Politics, Presidential Election, Refugees, Women's Issues

The giant American Capitalist status quo seems to think that U.S. workers are in their way, instead of being the reason for America existing. This heads us toward an increasing conflict that is begging for a solution. Therefore: I would like to see Bernie Sanders nominated for President and Elizabeth Warren for Vice President. Why… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Destiny & American Journalism

Howell Hurst Climate, Consumerism, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Economy & Finance, Humans, People Politics

American media’s job is not to define and guide the anticipated strategic path of our nation. Nor is it to manage the current worldwide diaspora of millions of people. However, we may safely propose that both constitute an appropriate job for the world’s foremost economic and military power. United States’ policy regarding the relentless scattering… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: New Year’s Resolutions

Howell Hurst Climate, Climate & Environment, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Homelessness, People, People Politics, Poverty, Refugees, War and Organized Mayhem

I’ve been thinking lately (always a dangerous occupation) and I think it’s time we got a head start on our New Year’s Resolutions. Just like the number of months in a year and the number of disciples of the spiritual leader of our most popular religion, I’ve come up with an even dozen. Here are… continue reading »

Video in Progress & Our World Leaders

Howell Hurst American News, Climate, Climate & Environment, Defining Trump, People, People Politics

FROM MY CORNER A: Video In Process  [NOTE: The video version of “From My Corner” IS being developed. An advisor helping me with this says personal matters are preventing him from giving immediate advice. When he and I can get together to fine-tune the technical aspects of the video system, videos WILL start. In the… continue reading »

Aborted Sail, California Fires, Climate Change, Nuclear War

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, American News, Climate, Climate & Environment, Defense vs Diplomacy, Defining Trump, People, People Politics, Presidential Election, Trump

FROM MY CORNER Attempting to sail my boat from Morro Bay to Monterey last week, my boat was totally stopped dead in its tracks by 50+ Knot Northerly winds. They returned me to Morro Bay. These were the same winds that have fueled the devastating fires in Northern California. This is Climate Change brought down… continue reading »