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Aborted Sail, California Fires, Climate Change, Nuclear War

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Attempting to sail my boat from Morro Bay to Monterey last week, my boat was totally stopped dead in its tracks by 50+ Knot Northerly winds. They returned me to Morro Bay. These were the same winds that have fueled the devastating fires in Northern California.

This is Climate Change brought down to earth. Major Hurricane increases are Climate Change brought down to earth. Worldwide, Climate is changing. At the same time, the President of the United States, denying Climate Change exists, has drastically curtailed Scientific Research on the subject.

Remarkably, while Mr. Trump complains about having to use U.S. Federal dollars to assist suffering Puerto Rican America citizens, he is happily fanatical about adding $35 Billion to the military budget, largely to pay for new U.S. Nuclear weapons.

Simultaneously, he belittles North Korean diplomacy, choosing instead to promote potential military action against Kim Jung Un’s nuclear policies. His ability to understand that the U.S.’s 1500 nuclear weapons intimidate North Korea is essentially nil as he focuses on his “America Ueber Alles” philosophy.

The American and World Press continue to report on his repeatedly aberrant, socio-pathically-narcissistic behavior with noteworthy restraint. Much scientific medical opinion finds his mental state to be alarming. Worldwide leaders question his mental balance.

In light of the above facts and many other items of reported evidence, I agree not only that the man has a strange mind, but that holding the position of power he does, he wields a potentially threatening influence over all our physical lives.

The probability that his behavior and actions will materially endanger the security of large numbers of Americas as he pursues his self-centered, America-centric obsessions is in my opinion a real possibility.

Food for thought.

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