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Video in Progress & Our World Leaders

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A: Video In Process

 [NOTE: The video version of “From My Corner” IS being developed. An advisor helping me with this says personal matters are preventing him from giving immediate advice. When he and I can get together to fine-tune the technical aspects of the video system, videos WILL start. In the meantime, here’s my printed take on the world today.]:

B: Our World Leaders

The alleged Leaders of the world’s nations have abandoned all pretense at leading. Instead, they keep busy day and night calling each other names. Trump says Kim Jung Un is “short and fat.” Kim Jung Un says Trump is a “dotard.”

Is this not the most disgusting pretense at leadership? With Nuclear bombs at the ready, our president does not even attempt to arrange a meeting with Kim Jung Un to make one last attempt at reaching an understanding.

Instead, he insults Kim and threatens complete destruction of North Korea.

The gradual acceptance by the media and the public of this farcical situation is embarrassing. 330 million Americans mumble their displeasure, but remain hypnotized before their TV and Computer screens, watching it all as if it were a fictional comedy melodrama.

With catastrophic storms, the tragedy of Puerto Rico still unsolved, with nuclear standoffs, with immigration chaos and pain, with $billions being spent on new nuclear weapons, we are left with leaders acting like dirty-mouthed teenagers.

Name-calling and circus antics are the new politics. Ridiculousness is accepted as our new normal. Science is ignored while subjective opinions of intellectually deprived leaders, based on emotion and ignorance, now guide the human race on its way to an ill-defined future.

Never before would I have believed human beings could act so childishly and so dangerously. Apparently they can. The world’s scientists agree a serious issue exists regarding the entire planet’s weather system while Trump and Kim obsess about potential war.

Do they discuss the end of the Korean Truce and propose an official end to the Korean War of the 50’s? Do they discuss America’s some 1500 nuclear weapons, some pointed at North Korea?

Meanwhile, Putin is the one lucid leader. All he wants is everything he can possibly take from anyone else. He does not deal in name-calling. Rather, he simply bullies his way into anyplace he wants to, either digitally or militarily, and denies what he is doing. A very simple and effective strategy for a small time bully.

And Trump just constantly contradicts his own words as he stumbles through his indecipherable inner thoughts.

It is all like a psychedelic hallucination rather than reality.

But, reality it is.

Amazing. Really amazing.

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