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Stay Home!

Athens, Greece . . .

October 23, 2021

Trust me. Unless you have a lot of money you need to spend for some reason, don’t go anywhere. Especially, don’t fly to Europe. Anywhere else, I don’t know. But my plans to move permanently to Europe to retire have not found Purgatory; Instead, Hell.

Unless I want to sound like I’m making up a new Tragi-Comedy TV Series, I’m not going to go into great detail now. The simple point is just that when you figure in all the different laws of all the different governments of different countries, the nightmare begins.

And that’s only barely the beginning. It continues to begin some more before you even get to the point you can start to figure out how to avoid all the endless boondoggles modern humans have created in their effort to outdo one another in their money-making schemes.

Yes, prices for apartments and property are cheaper in the EU than in America. But only if you are already here and legally positioned in the society and economy of the country you have chosen.

Therein lies the bloody rub. The Hell is gaining full entry through all of the legal andquestionable alleyways and potholes of the various roads leading to acceptable residency of the country of your choice.

Yes, people are moving from all over the world to allegedly less expensive places. However, the incredible obstacles I allude to are real and insistent and formidable. It seems that the spirit of capitalist “Entrepreneurship” has infected everyone on the planet.

If there is a remaining angle to capture another dime out of every situation any human being will discover trying to avoid high prices where you are, someone somewhere somehow has already pinned it down.

You are trapped in a competitive nightmare. The modern world is awash in slick greed and slippery deals and outright con operations parading as legitimate businesses. Whether it is government, or some other superb scheme by private initiative: Buyer Beware. The wolves are at the door, fangs bared. Probably already dripping blood.

Here’s what you must understand. No matter what your local United States financial condition is (I can’t speak for other countries but would not be surprised if they are much the same) the rules in another country will be not only different, but definitely about the opposite of your present situation.

You will not be able to discover this until you have spent hundreds of hours carefully investigating your new ideal home and having decided you have found all the problems you may eventually face. You haven’t. Not even scratched the surface.

What are they? I’m not even going to try to approach them in this first report from sunny Athens, the home of Western Civilization. That would give away too much too fast. As a matter of fact, I must think this through carefully before I continue.

My experiences may have taught me too that the new capitalism of the world is officially based entirely on how to take advantage of your fellow woman and man in such a cleverly disguised manner that they won’t understand you’ve robbed them until it’s all over and done with.

So, I shall think through how I can build up massive fear in your self-confidence level so high that you will gladly pay me (up front, of course) a giant consulting fee before I unload on you all the international grifter intelligence I have gleaned in my recent travels.

Be warned though. You’re going to love what I say I’m going to do to help you. And then pay it out of your bank account with smiles, expecting me to deliver value to you. Only when you have dropped all the money into my account, will you realize the cost and what you have lost.

Love and Hugs to all. Trust me. I only have your best interests at heart.

Until next report when you begin to win from my mistakes.

I guarantee it!


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