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FROM MY CORNER:A Guiding Light?

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No voluminously resounding response followed my last commentary, the one in which I essentially blamed America’s middle class for the USA’s political & social situation. I proposed that our well-paid complacent support of our wealthy controlling Oligarchy is the source of the poverty of 20% of our citizens. My commentary produced neither a massive hurrah… continue reading »


Howell Hurst Education, God, Humans, Nature, People

FROM MY CORNER: Who To Be? Nice, France . . . October 3, 2021 Continuing to read “Mythology,” the fascinating book by Edith Hamilton, I was struck by the  thought: “who would I have wanted to be, if not myself?” It instantly was as clear as a virgin creek of clear water. Christopher Hitchens is… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: 7 Years 7 Months

Howell Hurst Europe, God, People, Women's Issues

Recently I stumbled on a startling fact. If you are 83 years old, as I am, the actuarial tables estimate the average date of your future death will occur in 7 years and 7 months. I find that a sobering consideration. Seven years is not very long. And the seven months don’t add a lot… continue reading »


Howell Hurst God

A reader asked me recently why I take issue with the concept of God. The following is essentially what I told her. Thought I’d share it with you.   I do not dislike the concept of god. It is attractive to wish that an amazing creature/spirit exists with such a broad and wise vision of life… continue reading »