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FROM MY CORNER: Rational Biden vs The Stunted American Press & Public

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A week ago, a business colleague informed me President Biden was obviously demented.  Although diametrically opposed to my colleague’s thinking, I held my tongue and waited. If anything is now clear from his press conference, it is that the president is a rationally thinking man.

I cannot say the same for the immature press corps that questioned him.  After four years of unhinged rhetoric by a psychologically challenged narcissist, it appears that American reporters remain bogged down in rhetorical shell shock.

Several times, after Biden answered a question in detail, reporters would ask a question indicating they had not been listening to what Biden said, but had primarily been straining at the bit to ask their next pre-designed question.

Faced now with a contemplative man, who repeatedly and thoughtfully considered a question before answering, young reporters asked contentious questions without referencing directly relevant points Biden had just made.

For example: Biden spent substantial time explaining precisely how he is approaching the many problems he faces in his new job. He specifically elucidated that his strategy was to deal first with two distinct priorities:

  1. The Corona Virus.

2.  The Economy.

Immediately, a reporter asked what he was going to do about the immigrant children at the Mexican border. He answered that it was very hard to instantaneously create a comprehensive solution to this complex problem. But, he explained, he is definitively focusing upon the children.

Pointing out that a Texas military base had made available 5,000 new beds for immigrant children, he showed that their movement from over-crowded border conditions was beginning to be seriously acted upon.

The press still stubbornly appeared incapable of intellectually accepting that – as with the virus and the economy – it takes time to step-by-step implement actual, concrete, functional solutions on the ground.

It strikes me that Trump is partially right about the American press. It all too frequently creates fake news. Our young reporters seem not to have adequate intellectual depth. Their questions habitually incite confrontation rather than acquiring for them internalized, tangible understanding of any subject.

Clearly, Joe Biden comprehensively understands how to maneuver the Federal government’s various departments toward solutions to specific problems. Calmly, without demeaning reporters, he strives to bring the press corps into his thinking.

The immature young reporters, however, appear incapable of recognizing the quite open man outlining for them common sense approaches to problems. Rather, they seem more like high school teenagers bent on impressing their peers.

Joe Biden’s common sense, his human decency, and his purposeful strategies will serve us well. Let us hope that our reporters eventually prove capable of recognizing this substantially modest man, who is psychologically engineered to deal realistically with America’s issues.

The American people have voted in a man who clearly knows how to methodically activate government to contend with involved problems. He is a man who knows what he is about. Hopefully the American press will eventually figure out what they are about.

First, however, our reporters must relearn how to deal with longer, detailed-supported answers instead of 125-word tweets, which – admittedly – were easier for their bosses to turn into advertising-attracting, dollar-earning headlines than Mr. Biden’s down-to-earth, practical explanations about humane concepts and plans.

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