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FROM MY CORNER: America The Beautiful

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We Americans just spent millions prosecuting Trump, shooting rockets to Mars, building new nuclear bombs, and militarizing space, while for-profit real estate corporations have begun evicting pregnant mothers from their homes.

You can read about all of this online, in our magazines and newspapers, where corporations are still advertising luxury cars, multi-million dollar houses, and private jets. As several million Americans go without jobs and income, as hundreds of thousands of homeless are about to grow into millions, we continue to stalk luxury.

Why Americans won’t identity every person without a job and income, and organize a collaboration between government and the giant corporate world to recover, train, and share work and income with all of our poor and homeless eludes us.

We prize possessions, but are unable to devise a means to share the immense wealth of our country with those people who today have literally nothing. In Los Angeles, where I live, people are begging in the streets.

Downtown, where skyscrapers house the financial community, the homeless have built a large tent village of their own. I don’t now how they keep alive. Food banks, apparently. The Virus is rife among them.

We remain hypnotized by a humanely shallow consumer economy where each of us is dedicated to protecting our personal financial security. The ultra rich are becoming richer. The poor are becoming poorer, and rapidly more numerous.

Politicians, incapable of agreeing on how to supply life-supporting medicine for all of us, long ago voted themselves full medical and retirement payments. Our taxes pay their medical and retirement. We don’t enjoy such a benefit.

Meanwhile, as Bill Gates so articulately points out, the almost forgotten issue of climate change’s inevitable serious problems are stealthily sneaking up on us. We  ignore them, simply deny they exist.

The only people who could possibly alter all this would be a collaboration between the financial industry’s corporate leaders and our politicians. Both continue to be far too busy feathering their own nests, just as we all are.

Millions of worldwide refuges are destitute, suffering horrible lives created by wars profitable to too many of us. Millions of children are starving because of wars we all helped finance.

We are living through a multi-layered, worldwide existential crisis, pretending it just doesn’t exist.

Our collective hypocrisy is irrefutable. We are all complicit.  We are all guilty.

Our way of life has become ridiculous.

Worse: it has become despicable.

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