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FROM MY CORNER: State of The Union

Howell Hurst American News, Consumerism, Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Economy & Finance, Homelessness, Humans, People, Poverty, Refugees

Let us see where we’re at.

One of our newest Congresswomen believes in the insanely cockamamie Q’Anon conspiracy that a secret cabal of people (all Liberals, of course) are actually using politics to run a child pedophile ring for money.

About 70 million people, many who believed the same thing apparently, just failed with their congressional attack to keep Trump in office, and are now utterly dismayed that their Q conspiracy theory didn’t award him again the golden ring of the Presidency.

Our government remains so philosophically divided that getting vaccine to all of us to combat the Corona Virus is proving to be almost impossible. This is further hindered by millions of ignorant Americans just not believing in vaccines.

Tens of millions of Americans haven’t had jobs or incomes for up to a half a year, as the Republicans and Democrats disagree about helping them financially, while both sides keep financing our gigantic Defense budget that is bigger than the next seven to ten nations of the planet.

So many Americans (thousands who are military veterans) are living in homeless tents in every major city of the country, that we cannot even keep count of them. These are so crowded together that their problems may be partly solved by mass corona virus deaths.

The island of Puerto Rico’s American citizen still have never gotten enough Federal or corporate financial support to bring their economy and society back to anywhere near a normal condition.

Refugees from South and Central America are still marching toward the U.S. hoping to find assistance from wars and crime in their own countries, although thousands of their predecessors remain isolated in Tijuana and other Mexican towns, being preyed on by drug thugs.

The Republicans are still massing around Trump for fear that if they abandon him the 70 million congressional attackers and allies will not vote them back into office. Only 10 of them have dared contest this Trump cult and may be soon looking for new jobs.

Mr. Biden’s new team is finding so many leftover Trump blockages in government that they are finding it hard just to get more money into the economy to temporarily keep the unemployed housed and fed.

Climate change lurks stealthily in the background, its many dangerous consequences still moving forward. The only international conference to even deal with the issue is not until November.

China and the United States are each sending naval warships repeatedly into the South China Sea and the Taiwan strait, flags-a-waving and guns test firing, spending millions on these maneuvers, aching for a fight.

Back here at home, our corporations continue to interrupt all these serious issues on TV and in magazines and newspapers and on the Internet with absolutely stupid cartoon commercials still selling us everything from new-fangled hamburgers to perfumed condoms.

Does a single giant corporation change course and instead spend its ad dollars to assist government in its efforts to reverse the virus and get the poorest of us back to some semblance of safety?

Increased consumption, short-term profits, and exorbitant corporate presidential salaries are still the mantra of the day for America’s monopolistic capitalist economy.

Corporate America in general still has little if any appreciation of how inordinately shallow their thinking is about anything but the profits and the consumption and the executive salaries.

The Far Right keeps feeding us their mindless fears of “Socialism” taking over and causing our celebrated economy to crumble more than it already has. The politicians keep feeding us “Democracy” as they enjoy full free health insurance and lifetime salaries under our actual “Oligarchy,” our corporate monopolistic alliance.

What do we 330 million Americans get out of all this?

An interesting question.

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