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FROM MY CORNER, Where Are The Christians?

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Thousands of refugees fleeing from known dangers in their home countries are desperate. In Catholic Mexico, in Christian United States, millions taught as children to do onto others as you would have done unto you, are reported by the press as passively denying these people life-supporting assistance.

The refugees are commonly vilified by many as “drug addicts, terrorists, and criminals.” Reporters on the scene state that this is a totally mistaken perception of these people. Most, they verify, are valid refugees from gangs and wars in their own countries.

Our own president pictures them as criminals. His actions regarding the separation of children from their mothers is well documented. Despite American law dictating that assistance be provided refugees claiming danger in their own lands, thousands are without real shelter, food, medicine, let alone jobs, or legal validity.

The gang and war conditions in most of the Central American countries that the refugees come from, in many, if not most instances, have been largely created by past U.S. involvement of the CIA and other entities in support of American corporate activities to extract financial gain by exploiting political situations in the Central American countries.

This fact is indisputable. The U.S. government involvement in drug situations and in questionable Central America political tactics is quite well documented. The dangers the refugees face in their countries is quite well documented.

Opposition to these well-researched and documented facts is solely factually-unsupported claims of ideologically biased people. Yes, as in all such volatile situations, real drug dealers and political figures do often infiltrate and attempt to become part of such movements to disguise their real criminal intent.

But drug dealers and criminals do not constitute the majority of the refugees. A similar truth has existed in our own U.S. movements, such as “The Occupiers.” They too were vilified by the public and an often lax press as simply gang or drug related. Serious reporters clearly documented that this was not true.

I personally spent a week with The Occupiers of San Francisco. They were not drug dealers and criminals. They were for the most part poor, uneducated children of poor, uneducated parents, who were desperate for assistance.

Some people have attacked me verbally for criticizing U.S. Christians for not treating such protestors with the compassion they claim as a bulwark of their religion. I must say, I didn’t see those attackers personally present at any of the gatherings I visited.

I’ve not visited the refugees on our Southern border with Mexico. I have, however, read the many reports by valid journalists who document from first hand interviews of refugees their valid needs and mistreatment by officials and subsequently by the public.

Internationally, the opposition to refugee immigrants seeking assistance has been all too often institutionalized by local governments in Europe and in the United States. The blunt nationalistic attitude of our president and his allies has contributed to the misery the true refugees are experiencing.

Would Jesus Christ, who Christians claim as their leader, treat refugees as our own government has done under the guidance of our current president? If my pointing out the hypocrisy of his policies disturbs anyone, I propose they miss next Sunday’s sermon and, instead, drive down to our Southern Border and take a look for themselves what is really going on in their name.

And then, return and tell me in person what they think “JC” would think about the whole affair. What do they believe he would do if he were there on the scene? I’d really like to hear what they have to say.

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