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Donald Trump

The Absent “F” Word:

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On the same day this week that the president’s Press Secretary banned from a private news briefing The BBC, The New York Times, CNN, and other select news media, The New York Times simultaneously published a revealing investigative business story about Mr. Trump. The New York Times story documented one of Mr. Trump’s international business… continue reading »

My Two Cents Worth on The Election

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A brand new book helps me for the first time begin to actually understand what the great political divide between the two available party candidates is really all about. The surprisingly optimistic California sociologist Arlie Hochschild has written a thoughtful book called, “Strangers In Their Own Land.” It is a summary of Arlie’s five recent… continue reading »

Trump’s (Potential) Good Side

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Let me play “Devil’s Advocate.” I’ve made no secret of my dislike of Donald Trump – at least as he presents himself in his campaign. When you watch the man acting out his “tough guy” role (he consistently does this) his anger is open and apparent. His word view and his perspective on political life… continue reading »

America’s Joke:

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This Trump thing is simply proof of the accumulated strangeness of Americans’ education, intellectual paralysis, political naivete, and susceptibility to a fantastic media con game. When radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers – 95% owned by only three gigantic corporations only motivated to sell more and more of their products via ads and public relations programs… continue reading »