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FROM MY CORNER: Go Figure:Do The Math

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I’ve decided we humans are not smart enough to last a really long time. In our American nearsighted passion, as example, for the concept of Capitalism we have entirely lost the point of life.

Life is for keeping all of us alive as long as we can. It is for providing for each and every human a place to live, an education that will make us valuable to one another, and a means of acquiring food and medicine.

In America, what is the result of our misconceived passion for Capitalism? Recent media reports tell us that we in the United States have one of the highest child death rates and the highest death rates of new mothers after child birth among all developed nations.

The cause? The high price of medicine, driven entirely by a Capitalist culture of greed, the incessant drive for acquiring money and things instead of keeping people alive. I constantly am amazed at how we humans continue to do this.

Four out of each five people in America allege belief in Christianity. Do the four then logically collaboratively insist their religion create a sharing economic system to provide the other one in five with education, healthy food, and medicine?

No, we do not. Instead, our corporate Capitalists devise a food production system that drains common sense, mostly from the uneducated, with largely health destructive, tasteful food stuff  neatly designed and packaged to incite bad eating habits.

What is the motive for this behavior? Money profits, which the wealthy food producers then spend building and buying expensive houses for themselves that keep millions literally either homeless or financially destitute.

According to friends of my own, this Capitalism is desirable because we all need this system’s greed incentive or we would not know what to do with ourselves. Is it really somehow a god’s plan to keep all four in five of us believing and busy?

The four in five of us totally overlook the humanist concept of actually placing value on our fellow humans. Rather, the four in five endorse this system, defending America’s defense budget, which could and would educate, feed, and provide medical help to each of our one in five.

“Wait” we say, “we are forced by world conditions to defend ourselves against one another internationally.” Yes, that is true. But this happens because the entire world’s leaders also have accepted the idea of money as the measuring tool of human success.

Our human intellect is so weak, that all national leaders appear incapable of making the rational decision to publicly discuss repeatedly the concept of diverting our $$ Trillions of defense moneys to life rather than war. Leaders’ lust for power overcomes any tangible lust for life.

Countries embrace the concept of being forced to compete with one another for the limited power and money available, whether religiously motivated or not. The simple option to cooperate and, thereby, provide all humans what they need utterly eludes us.

Making money through bloody militarily wars has become everyone’s mutually accepted modus operandi.

Why is this?

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The reason for this apparently is:


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