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December 11, 2021

Las Vegas . . .

The charming video of a drunk cat I attempted to forward to you apparently did not arrive safely. And it’s now been deleted from my email file. No matter; it was not vital, just highly amusing.

Let me again promote something I believe to be very important for anyone who takes the study of American politics seriously. IF YOU DO NOT have a subscription to The Atlantic magazine, GET ONE. It contains some of the best researched and point-on journalism in the country today. There is a current article detailing exactly what Mr. Trump continues to do to help him accomplish what he wants: a reelection to the presidency in 2024. It provides vital details about the consequences of the attack on the Capitol, and how state legislatures are being altered by Republicans to control the results of Federal Elections.

I’ve been asked if I’m a Democrat. No, I am an Independent. I have almost as many complaints about Democrats as I do about Trump-Subservient Republicans.

FOR INSTANCE, I believe that Biden’s financial give-away allegedly to America’s poor was and is sloppily designed. It was and is poorly targeted. Many wealthy took advantage of it. So did many con operators. It clearly is keeping many people from accepting the many jobs that now go unfilled. It is paying them more to be unemployed.

Republicans are violating their alleged Conservatism in their power-hungry loyalty to Trump. Democrats are continuing their spending rampage and helping hinder our economic recovery.

I believe those who are predicting seriously tough times for America in the near future, politically and economically, are not crying Wolf. There are forces at work in America for further deterioration of the power of individuals like you and me to meaningfully retain any control over events.

REPEATING: To know what I am talking about above, getting a subscription to The Atlantic, the long-time respected and honored journal, would be a great Christmas present for you to give to all your friends. Get one for yourself


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