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FROM MY CORNER: Stupid Americans

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December 9, 2021

Las Vegas . . .

MItch McConnell recently said: “I am a survivor of childhood polio … trust me there is no bigger proponent of vaccination than I am . . . but here’s the thing, the United States of America is a free country … Elites in Washington cannot micromanage citizens’ personal choices without a legitimate basis in law and the constitution.”

 That is a stupid statement.

 Over 75% of all Americans, according to polls, believe that all Americans should be vaccinated against Covid. The alleged “Elites” in Washington are not micromanaging citizens’ personal choices as McConnell says.

 Rather, they are attempting to meet the dangers of Covid by putting into practice a scientifically-proven protection of the entire United States population – as 75% of that population have shown they desire.

 The Democrats, in a typically Democratic way, are going about their business most in a typically Democrat way: slipshodly. Mr. McConnell, in a typically Republican way, is going about his business equally shipshodly.

 Mr. Biden is shipshodly trying to put in place a scientifically rational practice as Mr. McConnell is obsessing over a legal point. They are doing so not because of any logical thinking.

 They are doing so because of emotional political competitive near-sightedness.While thousands are dying of Covid, these two gentlemen are bogged down in a rhetorical impasse.

 How much more stubborn could they both be? It is hard to imagine a more stupid state of affairs. I’m not even going to try. My writing would become as stubborn as their thinking.

 In Europe, where I just spent two months, no such intense battle exists. Oh, the rhetorical disagreement exists. It just is not so passionately conducted as in the United States.It is a minor issue.

 This boondoggle is in great part a consequence of four years of Trumpism. Mr. Trump’s primary contribution to American politics is the concept that objective truths do not now matter in public political life.

 One third of America accepts this concept as being true instead of the blatant untruth it really is. Two thirds contest this idea quite sloppily and, as a consequence, are also suffering under slipshod leadership.

 It would be laughingly funny were it not so serious. Thousands more are likely to die defending one side or the other: for vaccinations versus no vaccinations, although historically the value of vaccinations is scientifically indefensible.

 The solution of mandated vaccinations would obviously save thousands of lives. Our farcical political situation is obviously going to continue the unnecessary slaughter of people.

 Common sense is what is needed. Common stupidity is our condition


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