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FROM MY CORNER: Athens, Just Around The Corner

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Nice, France . . .

October 15, 2021

Greece, the cradle of Western civilization!

That’s where I’ll be this coming Sunday. Preparing for the visit, I did some homework.  Apartments are amazingly cheap. Studios in the $400’s and up, of course. Right in central Athens.

Kolonakis it appears is a long established part of the city where supposedly artists, writers, students, and other variegated expats congregate to speculate on the future of the world. It sounds like it used to be a rather uppity place, high end shops, etcetera – but apparently that may have changed a bit. It supposedly still has a poorer edge to it for the curious and adventurous.

The guidance on the Internet says that today it still attracts a wide variety of malcontents and artists seeking something different in our after-Corona upheaval, or downdraft depending on your perspective, of this most strange time of life.

So, “be prepared” as the Boy Scouts say. My next report will be from there. Having just read a comprehensive book of all the old gods of Greece, I should be well prepared to bring you some new insights about the people of today.

I’ll try.


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