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FROM MY CORNER: Irony at its Worst

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Nice Report #4 . . .

As I have reported about my personal pleasure in Nice, France, I cannot help but read the many individual stories of Haitian and other refugees desperately struggling to find footholds in life.

Recently I wrote as I have many times before about the $$ Trillions spent by nations on their individual “Defense” budgets that earn selected people giant fortunes. I’ve commented about the $$ Billions spent by the new “Space Cowboys” who think nothing of blowing their profits on one- and two-minutes rocket jumps to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

All of these $$ Billions squandered by such rich political and business people as literally tens of thousands of people face horrible lives, leaves one in anguish. The Haitians especially after their President’s assassination and their earthquake issues clearly have no alternatives to the insurmountable problems they face but to beg for help from developed nations.

And for the most part, those nations and their $$ multibillionaires, who all earn their money cleverly tapping electronically the hungry greed of their countries’ populations, are voiceless about these human tragedies.

I cannot help but be amazed at the insensitivity of such people. Of all of us, really.

Individually, most of us can do little if anything to help. But the $$ Multibillionaires and the defense leaders, buried in banked profits, and polishing their egos in space while so many people suffer so badly, leave me speechless. What can one say about such behavior?

I don’t’ know what to write about it. I cannot find the words.


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