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FROM MY CORNER: Biden Missing The Bulls-Eye

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The much touted $ Trillion Infrastructure Bill continues the American financial model that taxes us to pay the already-wealthy.  Consider: highways and bridges are built by giant multimillion dollar engineering and construction firms. The $ Billions such firms will receive in an Infrastructure bill will not “trickle down” to the tens of thousands almost about to be evicted from their housing. Such spending never has trickled down. It has just further enriched the rich.

The Infrastructure Bill features a lot of highways and bridges supposedly about to collapse or turn into dust. If you drive West of the Mississippi River, you will find that most highways and bridges are in pretty good shape. Also, traffic is light. The need for over-all emergency repairs is questionable. Meanwhile, these tens of thousands of Evictees are about to massively enlarge our already giant Homeless population. That will create a financial, medical, and social disaster.

The bureaucratic minds forming this Infrastructure Bill have not thought it through. Who needs help now? The people about to be evicted! If Biden and his crew would pass financial assistance to these people, the game could change. The Evictees would remain in their housing, and their landlords would get paid.

Billions of dollars could be specifically allocated to small, privately-owned contractors to build enough simple low cost housing to reduce the inflation-nurturing power of the monopoly-controlling real estate industry. That industry has for decades kept housing scarce, and catered to the rich. It has largely blocked racial and social minorities from home ownership, while willfully enriching banks, mortgage companies, the entire rich-people’s-housing cabal.

The financial leaders of this real estate collaborative have also kept many of their commission-paid brokers on precarious financial edges. As their political powers habitually block major low-cost housing concepts, President Biden is not sharply aiming at the Bulls-Eye. He is essentially continuing a long-failing generalized concept: the dubious “trickle down” theory.

That long-held theory, embarrassingly embraced by Republicans and Democrats, may at first glance seem to make sense by allegedly identifying dangerous highways and bridges, and repairing them. But it makes a lot more sense to first save the tens of thousands of poor Americans now facing Eviction.

It may sound like a potential political collaboration of Democrats and Republicans. You can bet, however, that when the Infrastructure Bill’s money lands it will still predominantly be in the hands of the rich.

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