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FROM MY CORNER: New York Times Nixes Refugee Suggestion

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It was nothing personal, I’m sure. After all, my writings are not monitored by The New York Times. However, I do sometimes first send From My Corner to them before to you, my regular readers. I do so when I think the subject is particularly timely and newsworthy, and they might print it.

Last Monday I suggested to them that Central American refugees bunching up on our Mexican border are a potentially beneficial new labor force for the United States. I proposed that giant American corporations invest some of their massively stockpiled profits into these refugees.

Precisely, I said that since Americans are not jumping at the evolving new jobs in America, why don’t corporations create training programs and new jobs for the refugees asking entrance to the U.S. ? I justified this to meet the labor population advantage China and India have over us.

We have a falling birth rate. Creating an increased new U.S. labor force with refugees makes sense to me. Americans have grown leery of low paying service jobs. I suggest that American profits invested in new small manufacturing ventures will create new higher paying jobs they should like.

Present American workers shying away from the lower paying service jobs in restaurants, hotels, and such could be matched with the new manufacturing jobs. And the newly U.S. manufactured  products could be matched with international needs of many countries.

The refugees matched with the lower paying service jobs as initial footholds in our country, would be afforded safety from the war and poverty in their own countries. This configuration of factors would acknowledge market realities by practical innovation.

The New York Times very kindly informed me they would not publish my commentary. So, I’m passing the idea along to you who read my occasional musing about the complexities of our culture and our businesses.  Are our giant corporations likely to jump at the opportunity to help the refugees? Not likely, unless Mr. Biden and friends create Federal incentives to corporations for doing so. And why shouldn’t that be interesting to Biden and Harris?

However, it’s a potential Win/Win/Win/Win/Win: for Americans presently on unemployment benefits, for Corporations who would expand their businesses, for Refugees who would be seriously assisted, for the over-all American economy, for the Fed, and for the rest of us and the world.

What might block it? Fear. Corporate fear of investing money into people in addition to profits, rather than focusing solely on profits at the cost of people. Why do you reckon the New York Times passed on my idea? Too innovative maybe?

Huh. I’ll have to think that over.

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