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FROM MY CORNER, Our Times, Wow!

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Well, in the midst of our collective national mental breakdown induced by the Corona Virus isolation, I’ve kept quiet for the simple reason I can’t think of anything really smart to say.

To prevent totally insanity, I’ve been reading a history book about the way our white ancestors methodically eliminated all but 1.6% of some 15 million American Indians, including my own Cherokee ancestors; and I have been scouring the speeches of Mark Twain for inspiration.

A retired Marine reader of mine who loves Trump and hates blacks for fighting back against police over-reach, has been ranting my ears off. Local mayors where I live have refused to answer questions I’ve asked why our local resident movie hero millionaire conservative Clint Eastwood apparently got a Small Business Administration loan/grant that was supposed to bail out poor minority businesses.

I thought he was against socialism. What happened, you figure?

Our local Catholic church got an SBA loan/grant too. What happened to separation of church and state? Seems to me everybody from Federal government on down to local mayors have just lost it. It’s a free-for-all. apparently with mass anarchy on all levels of incompetence.

See what I mean? What can one possibly say that would help ease all this? Mr. Twain would come up with something, I’m sure. But, lucky for him, he’s long gone to his restful peace. And I don’t have his genius.

You and me: we just have to suffer through it and hope things come out right in the end. Scant help, huh?

Chin up.

Oh, all right, Chin down.

Whatever works for you.

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