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FROM MY CORNER: Navigating Our of Our Pandemic

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What we need now is Time.

Time to carefully assess our situation and figure out how to work ourselves out of it without causing further extended and expanded disruption to our lives. This demands we insure the priority that 100% of all people keep housed and fed and medically served.

Here is what I suggest.

   I. The government should Temporarily suspend all mortgage and rent payments for 90 days. This secures housing for everyone. Those able to pay them should do so. Otherwise, it should be against the law to evict anyone during this period of time. It could be lengthened, if required.

  II. Also, all other outstanding debts should be suspended under similar terms for all those who have lost jobs, businesses, and income.

 III. Government should collaborate immediately with giant corporations holding large sums of accumulated cash profits, and establish a cash fund to secure continuous funding to all existing non-profit food banks, so that all people can be assured of being fed.

  IV. Hospitals should receive similar treatment as above.

   V, All of these funds could be provided either as outright grants or as loans, whose repayment should also fall under the Time and legal guidelines above. No one, including government, should be able to press legal actions to collect them until we had been able to sort out a firmer plan of action.

What is vitally needed now is Time for a rational plan of action to be formulated by the various business and governmental institutions. Thinking deeply about highly complex disastrous eventualities, naturally, of course, is not an habitual trait of either our government or our big business leaders, obsessed by their own profit motives.

However, if America would create for the American people such an over-all general concept of establishing a temporary suspension of our normal sense of Time, it would provide the entire apparatus of our economy what is seriously needed now: a renewed sense of security to all.

Instead, Mr. Trump is already heading us back into the frenetic, frantic, speedtrap-dominated mode of existence that symbolizes our country and its greed-obsessed culture. He does this while we could be thinking outside the box of what constitutes our normally frenetic concept of life.

Only the infinite future of the universe (or God, if you are so inclined) knows, of course, what Mr. Trump and his anti-science government will do to further encourage the still dangerous potential consequences of the virus in his rampaging return to business as normal.

For such a plan as outlined here to take place is, of course, likely beyond the limited capacity of our self-appointed “very stable genius” and his ultra wealthy compatriots. He and they seem fanatically intent on returning our economy to its former chaos despite whatever unforeseen result may occur to our collective health.

I offer this plan here for your consideration. I suspect that most Americans, except for wealthy landlords with multiple houses and apartment buildings and other real estate holdings, would agree to the idea and do their part to contribute to the plan. Even though they too would receive relief from the loans they hold with highly placed financial types.

You might want to read over again paragraphs I through V and give me your thoughts, just in case I’ve overlooked something and you’re able to improve upon it.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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