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FROM MY CORNER: America Today

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America has become intellectually corrupt, a rich madman’s paradise. We people are in denial, unable to clearly and thoroughly accept what has happened to it. One cannot take the current situation seriously enough.

If one seriously writes about this reality, one is placing oneself in danger from the present authority. Even The New York Times, our alleged best journal, is corrupted, as is The New Yorker and many other magazines and media, all financially forced to thrive by advertising the elegant luxurious products and wasteful antics of the extremely wealthy forces which have essentially dismantled any concept of economic equity or a true democracy, and replaced it with a deeply entranched culture of oligarchical excess.

Our politicians have long awarded themselves lifetime free medical and hefty retirement benefits while aiding the corporations in their systematic dismantling of labor’s life-sustaining pay. They are all rich beyond the imagining of 30 million Americans who live far below the poverty line, and ignorantly believe their present leader is going to bring them anywhere near the mainstream.

The giant American corporations’ leaders, who have contributed mightily to the disrupted economies of many countries whose refugees are trapped in poverty and trying to get into the United States – these corporate moguls chant their mantra of Profits, Profits, Profits while millions of children literally starve in the war-ravaged places they have largely created, and we have contributed to with our taxes.

I am ashamed of America. Its police still kill Blacks indiscriminately, and practically never are called on it with the full and honest force of the laws they are allegedly protecting. I am ashamed of how America is treating the immigrants at our southern border. I am disgusted with the man who is president, this pretend-Christian who hasn’t the slightest clue what that even means.

I am embarrassed for the millions of needy Americans so bedazzled by this charlatan of charlatans, who clearly is in it for the money. I am ashamed of all of the millions of us who continue to support the real estate mogul and his acquiescing politicians who are making all of this possible. We are all complicit with politicians who on both sides of the aisle still take the corporate dollar while mouthing words that mean nothing, just in order to get elected.

A young mother from somewhere deep south of my home, Spanish speaking, without papers, is begging daily at our local supermarket where we buy the overly priced food products of our society. We support her with five- and ten-dollar bills. God knows where she sleeps at night. Or where her child rests.

Even our universities have sold out. Our military did long ago. They’re one of the backbones of the wars creating the millions of starving children, Yemen the prime example today, of course. There’ll be another tomorrow.

When are the American people going to rise up, enlighten themselves, and put an end to all this? When are they going to start actually living the religion they claim they believe in, and force the fake leaders out? When are they going to look up in the middle of a sermon and abruptly realize that the many churches they have spent $millions building have brought them no moral salvation at all?

Indeed when?

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