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Yes, I know I am frequently complaining about the state of the world – all the wars, the literally millions who die from them, warriors, women, children, about homeless veterans, starving refugees – but today I am shifting course.

The future of America has just now infiltrated the halls of congress: many women, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Muslims, Hispanics: the whole mix-up of the human race right here in our country, the way it’s supposed to be here, of course.

I’m beginning to suspect that our Mr. Trump is paradoxically one of the best things to have come down the pike. Through his duplicity and heavy-handedness, he may have aroused “the better angels of our nature,” as Abe once said, and reminded most of us of what we really believe America should be about.

It is projected that in 2050 the U.S. will have become 50% people of color. The white man’s domination is ending. That is good. That leads us to the point where we can unabashedly state that Neo Nazis and other white supremacists are totally bad.

What is this white Nazism? Isn’t that largely what we fought World War II about? It is said they constitutionally have the right to speak their mind. Really? Why did we fight WWII, if not to clearly designate them as Anti-American, not fit for membership in our country? I’m not so forgiving as to award them the right to publicly and legally sell their particular brand of grossly ignorant crudity as acceptable.

A book by a biologist I read awhile back pointed out that when you peel the skin off of anyone, there is no way to determine what that person’s “Race” is other than the Human Race. That’s the reality of human life. We are all the same on the inside. Skin is a measure of our evolutionary adaptation to the climate and environment different people have experienced for millennia.

Biologically, our nation by 2050 will really quite closely represent the entire planet in microcosm. Hurray for us. Now is time we began to really embrace what our most popular religion says we should: serious responsibility for one another.

If this new mix of diverse people in our government can overcome the human tendency to divide themselves by skin color, religion, tribe, gender, and theological ideology, to comprehensively get our act together, this country might turn out to be something spectacular.

You know, sailors say a good captain steers clear of shoals and rocks. That goes for a country too, as far as it is possible in a still frequently barbaric world. Just maybe we are now beginning to chart a renewed, more sensible course. Are you on board this vessel? If so, help lift anchor and let’s get underway.

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