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FROM MY CORNER: Get The Handcuffs!

Howell Hurst American News, Defining Trump, People, Refugees, Trump

Who let this petulant, pettifogging, immature, infantile, juvenile, callow, childlike, bullying, little-boy-white-collar-narcissistic goon into The White House?

He keeps thousands of people without pay for two weeks, largely disables Homeland Security, National Parks, and other basic functions – just because he cannot get a wall that two-thirds of the country is against.

In the name of national security, he vainly employs his Commander-In-Chief authority to order the government shut down, pleading “Invasion” by refugees, who most likely have just cause for fear in their own lands, simply because he cannot have his egomaniacal way.

Yes, I am now for his Impeachment and Conviction. If anybody deserves to be “Locked Up” it is this self-obsessed clown.

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