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FROM MY CORNER: Tear Gas or Rational Behavior?

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November 29, 2018

$200,000,000 is the estimated cost for the alleged 5,000 soldiers on the Mexican border helping tear gas women, children, and men claiming abuse and danger within their own countries.

That is $40,000 for each of the estimated 5,000 refugees. Exact numbers are hard to determine. The point is that with this amount of money the refugees could be aided for a year in reasonable conditions by collaboration between the U.S. and Mexico.

That sum could provide interviewers and, if needed, American Hispanic translators, determining the validity of the claims for refugee status within established American law, rather than legally condemning them as invading aggressors.

It is not an unreasonable speculation that American corporate interests in the refugee’s home countries have actually contributed to the political situations the refugees are fleeing.

It is no secret that the American profit motive has played a well-known part in many governments of our Southern neighbors. Economic exploitation has been a basic foundation of many U.S. ventures in this area of the world.

Any alleged danger to America by these refugees is obliterated by the probable dangers they may face back home. The counter claim by some is that these are criminals we are facing. That is unproven and questionable.

Would it not make more sense to form temporary camps for the refugees and determine factually whether they are a danger or a benefit to America? They might conceivably be a low cost labor force for small U.S. factories serving the emerging markets of the world, while giving the refugees a leg up on new lives.

The end-all-be-all of this situation is that America remains vastly wealthy and militarily all-powerful. Not only can we afford to humanely manage these refugees, we may do so in a manner safe for them and for us.

Sending troops to the Mexican border to tear gas women, children, and men claiming refugee status is an act of pitifully small minds. It is a despicable display of insensitivity by our nation.

It is ethically, morally, financially, militarily, spiritually, and legally indefensible.

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