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FROM MY CORNER, My Unnoticed 2020 Independent Presidential Candidacy

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Neither the Washington Post, Politico, Fox, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, nor NPR communicates with me about my Internet campaign, so I’m left entirely at peace to discuss our divided country and make suggestions about its rehabilitation.

Take our action on the Mexican border, where we have several thousand U.S. Army troops. If I were president, I too might have sent troops to the border. However, my behavior would have been quite different from the present administration.

Knowing all these refugees were on the way, I would have met with the President of Mexico to arrange a collaboration whereby we would use civilian-attired troops to organize and manage Temporary Refugee Camps.

We would have given the troops training on how to help the refugees, perhaps with spare military tents. We would have encouraged Americans to more carefully share the 50% of food they regularly waste, sending it to the refugee camps.

We would have taught the troops how to interview each refugee to determine the legitimacy of their claims of abuse in their own countries. We would have worked hard to ferret out politically-motivated trouble makers.

Particularly, we would have determined the skill levels of all refugees with an eye to whether we might create opportunities for them to benefit themselves and America. We have a lot of unfilled jobs, you know.

Essentially giving the refugees the benefit of the doubt, we would have collaborated with Mexico to treat them respectfully, and to figure out a rational and humane means to deal with them that could also benefit us.

In Yemen, where American weapons of mass destruction have helped create several million starving children, we would carefully reassess what our role has been in this disaster, and strive to help save the children, who are already dying.

Instead of the aggressively combative nature of our present executive and its administration, I would have the U.S. attempt to demonstrate its Christian beliefs by approaching each international and domestic state of affairs with an open mind to how we might be helpful, not disruptive or destructive.

Relevantly regarding our military, I would direct its leaders to devise a plan to reduce its cost by at least 10%, making our defense a far leaner, faster force – able to deal with the many terrorist, guerilla-like circumstances we face. This would help finance the above programs.

I would increase our placement of U.S. Intelligence agents inside domestic white supremacist and international terrorist organizations – and would strongly publicize this so that their organizations would be totally disrupted trying to figure out who were their loyal troops, and who our infiltrators.

I would seek legislation to make defense business a non-profit industry – and we would all see now many real patriots remain at their posts, and how many abandon the business for more lucrative endeavors.

Domestically, we would identify by name, location, and skill set all Americans not earning a living income, and use that information to financially motivate American corporations into adding human responsibility to their fanatic profit obsessions by devising job-training and job-sharing programs with Americans and refugees.

Our government would work to collaborate with corporations in creating an annual investment fund of at least $100 billion to be used to launch and help manage new small business ventures.

See what I mean? See how enjoyable it is to envision an America that would redefine its present militant, predatory, winner-take-all economy and turn it into a cooperative capitalism to help sustain our entire population and advance the world?

It’s two years until the actual election. If we can’t do it my way, may we – rather than believing the present debacle will continue another four years – at least be optimistic that we can replace government with people who think and function semi-rationally.

Have a good Turkey day.


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