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FROM MY CORNER: Republicans Speak

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PBS’s coverage of the Subcommittee’s Report presents concrete evidence supplied by Republicans of Trump’s influence upon the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Any Americans who did not see this live PBS report need to seek it on the Internet and view the entire presentation. Particularly, those who physically attacked the Capitol need to view it. All continued supporters of Donald Trump need to see it.

Amidst the commonly chaotic Internet bombardment of comments from every possible political perspective, let me be clear about my position. No one in her or his right mind can view this report and remain loyal to Mr. Trump. Only mentally confused people can ignore the conclusions of the report.

American democracy is not failing. Rather, this is the beginning of the end of the Left versus Right controversy. This is not an issue of Left versus Right. This is an issue of rational people versus mentally deluded people.

Future U.S elections will not define Left versus Right. They will separate Intellectual Sanity from Intellectual Insanity. In this report, Liz Cheney stands out as one of the Republicans’ last hopes for the recovery of the party.

If a substantial number of Republicans stand behind Trump after this report, I believe they become the next to deserve investigation. Not for treason or any other firebrand accusation. Instead, to determine the extent of their psychological instability.

America’s current weakness is the reluctance of rational thinking people to stand up for what they believe and speak out in their individual neighborhoods and to their closest acquaintances about their convictions regarding Trump and his followers.

Intellectually clear-headed Americans need to coalesce and engulf Trump with an unambiguous barrage of evidentiary information and vote him out of political existence. Americans need to reestablish rational thinking.

By the next presidential inauguration, Trump may conceivably be sharing space behind bars with Mr. Bannon. If that is wishful thinking on my part, so be it. I believe a few years of self-examination in prison among a group of other deluded people would serve them well.

And if unable to help patch their brains back together, it would at least get them out of our hair so we may work to reestablish America’s once firm world reputation as an exemplary political ideal.


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