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FROM MY CORNER:Corporare Capitalist Homelessness

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Over one quarter of all land in America is owned and held off the active housing market in America by the Federal government – allegedly, but not all actually, designated protective nature habitat. More is owned by State, County, City Governments, and Corporations.

The balance is owned by Real Estate Companies and Individuals. About one half of the Private Housing is actually paid for and owned outright by Individuals. The other half is individually owned Mortgage Debt.

Over 85% of all Americans live tightly bunched together and packed on top of one another in major cities. Therefore, the vast majority of American land is actually empty of people. People used to live on much of this mostly empty land.

What happened to them? Wealthy corporate people ran them and their small companion villages out of business. They replaced them with giant farms and displaced the people into cities where the same wealthy owned and controlled most jobs.

By this means most of the displaced people were compelled to abandon their previous home ownership and work instead in corporate jobs at relatively low wages to further enrich the already wealthy. Many displaced people fell through the cracks of the job market and became homeless.

Presently, most homeless try to live in self-created tent cities inside the corporate cities. City politicians, financed in their elections by the same wealthy, habitually order their police to physically run the homeless out of town. The police compliantly do so.

If the homeless resist, they are arrested. Throughout this scheme, the wealthy, who also own all the For-Profit radio, TV, newspapers, banks, insurance companies, and medical industry sell  the American public that Capitalism makes it all so good.

This wealthy Capitalist Collaborative repeatedly and endlessly raises the rent of the city dwellers. Banks and other corporations that lend money to people to buy houses knowingly sell to many of the poorer borrowers mortgages that they cannot really afford.

When these poorer people default on payments, they are evicted. Many of them also become  homeless. The home ownerships of the former mortgage holders return to the lenders, who sell them again. Millions of people are in debt to the collaborative conducting this “business.”

Meanwhile, the wealthy buy multiple homes for themselves, gigantic yachts, personal airplanes, jewelry, and more investment properties. The most egotistical of these wealthy spend billions upon billions of dollars on rocket building schemes to theoretically move homeless people to Mars and the Moon, allegedly to solve the homeless problem they have helped create.

If America were truly a free-market economy, the need (“demand”) for housing would resolve this situation. But America is not a free-market economy. America is this Oligarchic Monopoly by already extremely wealthy people proactively insuring that American real estate and its collaborative finance industries remain exorbitantly profitable to increase their wealth.

Key leaders of this Monopoly meet annually in Davos, Switzerland to organize and update their collaborative business plan. They bring in speakers from every aspect of their capitalistic monopoly. Donald Trump has been a speaker. Presidents of many financial firms are regularly speakers.

This collaborative financially bankrolls almost all Senators, Congresspeople, and even Presidents into office. They hire, train, and direct thousands of salesmen who continuously peddle the system to the politicians whom they have financed into office. These salesmen are not called salesmen; they are called Lobbyists.

Lobbyists job is to make sure that the politicians who pass real estate, credit, and banking laws perpetuate this system to safeguard the wealth of the wealthy. As the Lobbyists do their work, they don’t have to remind politicians where campaign funds originate. Everyone understands the deal.

It seems that the only people unable to understand the deal are the 330 million Americans who accept this scheme as what is necessary to have a functioning country. They have so “bought” into this corporate scheme that they allow the wealthy to continue exploiting their labor and finances.

Is it a Conspiracy? It is more accurately identified as an historical process that has gradually evolved, which the wealthy have gladly learned to accept. They consider it to be, and market it under the title, “Civilization.”  It is a consciously maintained system.

In the United States about 7 million wealthy (the infamous 2%) collaborate to control through the government the printing of money which they loan to the rest of the nation through their network of banks and credit corporations.

Roughly 30 to 50 million Americans live in near or abject poverty under this scheme.  Corporate and government leaders are intellectually incapable of passing legislation to compel the corporations to share education, work, ownership, and income with these people.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen: Today’s modern Corporate Capitalism.

This system has essentially destroyed Democracy. In its relentless search for profits, its Oligarchical Collaborative has abandoned any real responsibility for The United States and its citizens.

It moves our jobs worldwide. It gladly buys and sells U.S assets to both friends and enemies. It has a single goal: Corporate Profit at any and all costs to the American public. It has divided us all into two camps battling against one another, although it always continues to profit.

Did I deny these wealthy constitute a Conspiracy?

Am I perhaps mistaken in my generosity?


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