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FROM MY CORNER: More Less Internet

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October 13, 2021

A very intriguing news report appeared yesterday on “some” news service: which one, I forget. But that is not important. What is important is that BBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC,, or some news something finally acknowledged that the Internet is a Security Disaster waiting to happen to all of us.

The report said in plain English that the Internet we all depend on all the time is so subject to being taken down time all the time that it is going to grow worse. Those of us who have been forced by the geek freaks to use it have been trying – without success – to report that to the world for years.

The Internet goes down all the time. Daily, in fact. In nearly every communication I attempt, something sometime always fails and I get a cute message reminding me that I must try again later. When I try again later, it is not infrequent that another message asks me what I am trying to do.

And often when I tell it what I am trying to do it says I can’t do that; that is no longer supported, whatever that means. The point of the news story is that the Internet you and I and the whole world uses is not the secure Internet that the U.S. Military created decades ago and passed on to us in a much abbreviated form.

Most interesting is how easy it is, according to the now disappeared news source, is that it is fabulously easy for any knowledgeable hacker to break into and disrupt it. Disruption is not the exception; it is the norm.

Which is why confidence operators have developed a $$ Multibillion Dollar Industry on the Internet that is stealing without any significant legal reaction by our existing police establishment of any measurable amount.

Conning people out of their money on the Internet is right up there with Military Defense Spending as the Growing-est Financial Industry of our exalted civilized social and economic system.

The story points out that we may all expect the theft of our money from us to rapidly increase as con men and women and small conning children learn even better how to outsmart police, the justice system, our entire governing apparatus.

I tried to bring this to the attention of my own local Congressman recently, Leon Pannetta’s son, and found not only no interest in the subject – but a defense of it. To wit, we must keep all web owners free of any security measures such as identifying themselves, so that everyone has freedom of speech.

Welcome to our brave new world where irrationally poorly constructed digital technocracy joins forces with uneducated irrational leaders who refuse to deal in factual knowledge in their blind pursuit of power and money.

Con man meets con politician meets nerdy techy. Titmouse, who now rules the Digital nightmare that all planetwide civilization is now built on. Is this important? Slightly. Since most all communication by all of us depends on this mess, do you feel really safe protected by the $$ Trillions of Dollars of Nuclear Missiles in all those Submarines, plus the other explosive gadgets floating and flying about?

No? Not calmed by that idea?


I guess we’d best all think about this, hadn’t we?


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