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FROM MY CORNER: Vaccination Resistance

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Ages ago two medical disciplines became the unquestionably predominant planet-wide lifesavers for multimillions of people. One was pain-killing anesthetics for surgical operations; the second was vaccinations.

Today 40% or more Americans deny vaccination as the indisputable medical discipline it is. There is only one explanation for this: Ignorance.

How did the United States create such a percentage of deniers of this discipline?  I’m not sure there is any answer we all might agree on. Commercial marketing, is one possibility. It is built upon identifying deep-seated human psychological fears and building advertising campaigns promising to solve those fears.

Cigarettes are a good example. They’ve been offered as a calming agent to help people manage anxiety. They work too. If you become addicted to nicotine there’s practically nothing that works better than more nicotine to remove the anxious yearning for the next smoke.

Vaccination’s denial seems to have arisen primarily from our current Corona Virus issue. A  boatload of people confusing a scientifically proven medical procedure for politics is mind numbing.

99.5% of all new virus sicknesses and deaths are among non-vaccinated people!

40% or more Americans not understanding the science used to create vaccines is irrational thinking. People who will not allow themselves to be vaccinated put all of us at risk of death. That’s as serious as committing murder.

If you refuse to be vaccinated against the virus, I believe you belong behind locked doors, hermetically isolated from the rest of society. Lobotomy might be a solution – without anesthetic, of course.

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