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FROM MY CORNER: Silly America

Howell Hurst American News, Consumerism, Homelessness, Humans, People Politics

Did Mr. Biden’s inaugural team actually place 191,000 American flags in Washington, D.C. to represent those who were not to come to the ceremony? It appears they did.

When are Americans going to stop doing such things? The money it took to do this, could have been spent identifying by name each and every homeless person living on the streets of D.C.  And starting to help them.

And Biden could have announced in a TV press conference that he was taking such a frugal and sensible step to stop such public relations stunts and, instead, actually start implementing practical steps to solve real problems.

I voted for Biden. However, the Democrats are as able as Republicans to keep treating the American people as a TV audience they must keep amused and entertained.

With an admittedly liberal perspective, I spent Inaugural day watching Fox news, just to see how the conservative press reported the presidential transition.  Surprised, I note that Fox reporters took an unusually careful and cautious attitude.

They almost sounded like conservative liberals instead of fanatic conservatives. I assume they wished to seem conciliatory to the change in President – that they wanted to appear open to change.

However, one of their images that sticks in my mind was a photo of Sean Hannity, with the headline that under Biden 400,000 Americans were dead due to the virus. This made it appear to be Biden’s fault.

We seem to be actively testing our “Silly Levels” to show precisely how ridiculous we can be. Mr. Trump was right on one thing: The American press can be very fake. They clearly seem to view their news business as being a grand entertainment show.

It seems to be a contest between media and politicians to award a “Silliest Stunt” prize. What will the winner get? The politicians, of course, want to win votes. The media want to win paying advertisers.

Our great capitalistic economic system is, I contend, the basis of the problem. Both sides are bent solely on selling us, the American people, that they are watching out for us when, in truth, their motivations are far simpler.

And we consumers just keep consuming and treating all this as normal. I think Biden is preferable to Trump. But I would like someone to turn off his teleprompter and require him to think deeply enough to show he really wants to help the people who require it most.

We Americans need some very practical answers now to a mass of problems. What we are still getting are highly scripted entertainment shows. And that is the silliest thing of all still going on.

Very silly stuff, indeed.

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